Java Exercises

  • Java Exercise 1  :  Develop an application for a university course offering.  There are to be  classes for textbook, instructor, and course.  This application should also have a driver class to  test the other classes constructed.
  • Java Exercise 2: Create a program for throw and throws.  
  • Java Exercise 3: Create user defined exception class to detect negative number entering.
  • Java Exercise 4: Write an user defined exception class which will take a number from 1 to 5 as an input and prints the square of this number as the output. 
  • Java Exercise 5Write a constructor for this class that takes a String argument and stores it. Write a method that prints out the stored String. An "Input is not a String" exception should be thrown if the input is not a string.
  • Java Exercise 6: write a program to calculate relative size ranges for very small, small, medium, large, and very large ranges using standard deviation.
  • Java Exercise 7: Creating a  Contact list using Japplet .(mobile application)

    The functions available are : 

    Example of database table "Contact"

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