21 August 2012

Remote desktop sharing over internet.

Desktop sharing is done by installing remote desktop client software. You can remotely control any computer as if you are sitting right infront of it.
TeamViewer is one of the software which can be used for desktop sharing. This software is free for personal use.
Basic requirements are
1. Two computers
2. Both connected to internet
3. TeamViewer application on both computers.
Your partner has to start the application. You can also run this application directly without installing it on your computer.
When you start the application it asks you to enter the partner’s ID and password.There are multiple options like remote support,presentation, file transfer, VPN connection and you can choose among according to sharing you want.
If you want to access your partner’s desktop then you need to enter his ID and password and if you want to share your desktop with your partner then tell your partner your ID and password.
Click here to download TeamViewer.
Now enjoy remote desktop sharing.


Wilfred Barthes said...

I read whole the post. It's give a batter idea to know about the remote access database.

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Faizal Ps said...

Wilfred Barthes: thank you man .

austinbreath said...

As per my knowledge there are so many option to support presentation, file transfer, vpn connection or we can choose one of them.

remote desktop software

Faizal Ps said...

yes we can, this is one of them.I think most of the software's we have to purchase. this one is absolutely free.

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