How To Download YouTube Video Without Any Softwares

Today  I'm going to explain  a useful tip only for you... Is it possible to download youtube videos without any software's ??? i know most of the people are still facing this problem how to download... I will suggest IDM internet download manager. But the problem is you have to purchase it or u can use trial version for a month . But it is possible to save your tube videos, songs movies ,webpage whatever within 5 steps. Thanks to Cache ! with the help of cache we can save any videos. 

Concept behind this trick is the once the video buffering completes it get stored in the cache of the browser for the further references.Further reference means for example you are going to play the same file again. Main purpose of cache is to reduce the access time and to decrease the load from your processor.One good thing about cache is that the file remains in cache temporarily  and is replaced by other file using replacement techniques.
Few steps are given below so that you can get the video of your choice from internet without downloading it.

Note: Don't forget to enable hidden files view. for this go to tools-folder option-view-click on show hidden files and folders-ok
  1. Play the video on the browser which you want and let it buffer or play completely once.
  2. If you are using windows OS, go to the  “C Drive-Users-Appdata-Local-Mozilla/Chrome    or visit where are cache files stored?
  3. Now go to mozilla/chrome cache folder.
  4. Inside the cache folder all the files are randomly named, so it is not possible to identify the file. So you need to sort all files according to date.
  5. This will help you to identify your file or you may try to play the files by “vlc media player” to identify.
  6. Once you identify the file, just drag it on to your desktop or to the destination folder and rename it by “.flv” extension.
Enjoy your video and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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