10 August 2012

Best way to block a website.

You must have seen the inbuilt option in windows about Restricted Sites in which you can block a site,
but it is useless as it does not block anything!!

So how to block a website??
There would be many reasons to block a website and here i will show you the best and the simplest way of blocking any website whether it may be:

Social Networking Sites
Adult Sites
Shoping Sites
Auction Sites etc..

Here's the method to block a website:

1. Go to the location C:WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

2. There will be a file named "hosts" with no extension.

3. Open that file in "Notepad"

4. Now at the bottom of the page you will find the following line "        localhost"

5. Now add another line at the bottom 
    for eg: " http://www.blocksitename.com/localhost"

6. http://www.blocksitename.com, Should be thewebsite address you want to block is the IP address of local system that called loop back address. When you enter a site, the browser will first check the hosts file and then it would go for the DNS service of your ISP. The browser will assume that is the IP address of the sitename that you have added and will connect to the local host itself. So the websites doesn't get opened. you can add more line after the first localhost you have added.


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