Create a Hash Map to store the Asia Pacific countries and their capitals. Display the capital based on the country name.

package one;

import java.util.*;

public class One {

public static void main(String[] arr) {

/* Create object of HashMap */

HashMap<String, String> obHashMap = new HashMap<String, String>();

/* Store value in HashMap */

obHashMap.put("Bhutan", "Thimphu ");

obHashMap.put("China", "Beijing ");

obHashMap.put("India", "New Delhi ");

obHashMap.put("Israel", "Jerusalem ");

obHashMap.put("Japan", "Tokyo ");

/* Create a set of keys of hashmap */
System.out.print("COUNTRY"+ ": ");
Set set=obHashMap.entrySet();
Iterator obIter = set.iterator();

while (obIter.hasNext()) {
Map.Entry me=(Map.Entry);
System.out.print(me.getKey() + ": ");




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