How to hack any Facebook account easily..

Welcome back dear friends with an amazing Facebook trick to hack any Facebook account easily. This method  to hack any Facebook account without any technical knowledge is to hack by 'Forget Password' option. And it have also sub-divided into some parts, from which I am going to discuss the new successful method. 

Step wise method to hack Facebook account:

  • Create 3 Facebook Accounts: First of all create three new Facebook accounts with any name. (Use such names that your target like to add them in his/her friend list)

  • Add them to your Target's friend list: Anyhow add that three friends in the friend list of your target. This is the main work of this trick, and if you get success in doing this then you are almost done.

  • Forget Password: Now open Facebook and click on 'forget your password' option.

  • Email and Full Name: After the above step, you will get a window which will ask you the email and full name of the target, fill them respectively. (This will be first recovery option in that window, leave other 2 blanks and click on the submit (search) button at the bottom right corner of that window. After successful filling these 2 details you will see the profile picture of your target.

  • Reset your password: Now you will get a reset your password window, in which select 'No longer have access to these' option and then click on the RESET PASSWORD option.

  • New email address: Now you will get a new window in which Facebook will ask you to new source to contact you. There provide a new email address which should not be associated with any already existing Facebook account.

  • Security question check: After the above step you will get a security question check window. If you know the answer of that security question then you can fill it there and its done. But if you do not know the answer of security question then fill it wrong 3 times. After which you will be proceeded to next step i.e trusted friends feature. Where any account is recovered via their friends.

  • Trusted friend check up: Now you will be in the window of trusted friends check up where you have to select those 3 accounts that you created and add in target accounts friend list and click on continue each time there.

  • Security code: You have done ! Now Facebook will send security codes to the email addresses associated with those 3 Facebook accounts created by you to hack target's account. Now open each email one by one and fill their respective security codes to the Facebook security code box of respective 3 Facebook accounts. (Note: Check spam folder of your email boxes if you do not found security codes in inbox of your emails)

  • Reset password link: Now you will get password reset link to the email that you provided to Facebook as a source of contact to you. Click on that link and reset password of target's account to new one.

Now, you have hacked Facebook account of target. But never try this without any ethical purpose. Because it is crime to hack any account on internet. But I share this method here just for noble cause that how you can save your Facebook account from being hacked by this method. This method was necessary to discuss to make you learn what steps you need to take to keep your account safe from hackers.

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