20 December 2010

Mysterious Opcodes in PIC16 Instruction Set

Did you ever have a look at the PIC16 family instruction set ?

Microchip datasheets announce 35 instructions, for sure they are here, but can't we get a little bit much from these PICs ?

It's time to become closer to PIC16 reduced instruction set, to see if we can extend it.

First, get familiar with instruction format : PIC16 family has a 14 bits wide instruction set, with MSBs as opcode and LSBs as sub-opcode or operand.

Here is the link to the "Microchip PICmicro Mid-Range MCU Family Reference Manual" (datasheet DS33023A) :


this figure is coming from this manual :

PIC16 Family instruction set format

Microchip Datasheet DS33023A P.526

 Here is the instruction set list sorted by type, you can count once more : 35 official mnemonics.

PIC Official Instruction Set

 Microchip Datasheet DS33023A P.525

Now, we can try to re-arrange the table, and sort it by opcode number.
I wrote the documented opcodes in green, and the undocumented opcodes in red :

PIC Unused Opcodes


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